Educational story-based games for children's development.
Built with intention by parents.

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Concerned about screen time? So are we.

That's why we made SmartyPal

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3 Core Principles

Sessions are designed to make screen time fun (great for kids) and truly educational (great for parents). Built on these 3 core principles.


SmartyPal takes stories your child will love and infuses them with educational activities to provide meaning, context, and deeper learning.

Expert Approved

Games based on an educational philosophy that is rooted in research and emphasizes play-based learning & well-rounded development.


We believe every child is unique. Our personalized learning algorithms gently nudge your child’s development forward at their own pace.

More than just your ABCs

Critical Thinking

Move away from memorization to understand the why and how of the world around us.

Creativity & Problem Solving

Outside-the-box thinking for solving complex tasks.

Emotional & Cognitive Empathy

Understanding what others are thinking, feeling, and perceiving.

Language & Literacy

Letter and word recognition, comprehension, spelling, and reading proficiency.

Meet the Team!

The SmartyPal Team

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